How it works


Simply put, the brain, although not a muscle, can be modified if 'exercised' regularly and appropriately.  This means that with Mediated Learning everyone, regardless of background or genetic makeup, has the potential to improve their ability to learn.

Breakthrough Learning uses a metacognitive and self regulation of behaviour approach.  This involves using Mediated Learning and applying Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment programmes to develop, accelerate and enhance cognitive, social and emotional development for children and adults. The methods have been proven to be particularly successful when applied to people with learning, psychological, behavioural and medical problems. Applied accurately, they can transform students both intellectually and psychologically and enable them to integrate effectively into the education system and society.

This innovative programme teaches students to “learn how to learn and think”, is used extensively worldwide and has already benefitted thousands of people.



'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind' - Einstein

    Reviews have shown that using metacognition and a self-regulation of behaviour approach can accelerate a child’s learning by 8+ months in a year*    

*The Teaching and Learning Toolkit at