I have always been passionate about education. We have been blessed to be able to offer our three sons rich and varied experiences and a loving and stimulating environment. When our daughter was born with T21 it was natural and obvious for us to continue with this way of life. We used educational toys, did a lot of outings, whether cultural or social, and exposed her to creative arts, music, dance or crafts. From those experiences we could detect some learning trends in Sophie but it wasn't until we discovered the Feuerstein Institute that we took a real interest and understanding in Sophie’s cognitive skills. Doing the training opened my eyes. It is fascinating to find out how you can build learning pathways in your child’s brain using Mediated Learning! It is common sense and yet we tend to be more interested in the product rather than the process.

What really moved us was how all the staff at the Institute in Jerusalem believed in Sophie and her potential to learn. She learned to recognise and draw a square in one session. They encouraged us to aim high for Sophie. Every situation is a learning opportunity.

Using Mediated Learning is not a quick fix solution, it is a way of life! It takes time and perseverance but the outcomes bring hope and joy.


Thank you very much for a very positive intervention.  I sincerely hope we can use your services and knowledge to support our child again very soon and for a longer period of time. I have noticed some improvement in concentration, definite positive response to strategies to "unblock" him and get passed "no" and improvements in sleeping pattern.  He has become more independent by starting to dress himself and occasional imaginative play.  I've also become more patient with him.

 Parent of a child with Down's syndrome

More testimonials to follow.......