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“Breakthrough Learning has been working weekly with my daughter for around a year. She is 10 years old, autistic, and struggles with social interactions, controlling her emotions and understanding other people. Historically  she has had problems concentrating in lessons and had ‘tics’ – whistling, kicking and tapping which were disruptive to both herself and the rest of the class.

The interventions take place in school time with engagement from the school  and the SENCO. The school have noticed a marked improvement in her behaviour and general courtesy and manners. Her awareness of other people has improved considerably as have her interactions with friends and family. She does still struggle in some situations but is gradually learning strategies to control her emotions.  The tics have mostly disappeared and only appear at times of extreme stress or excitement – which has made the classroom situation much easier.

Having sat in on sessions as an observer, I began to see how the interventions were working. The technique forces the child to make the step by step connections between different situations and outcomes. This allows them to ‘break down’ difficult or confusing situations, understand the problem  and generate strategies to deal with them. With my daughter this has been applied to her specific areas of difficulty – emotional intelligence, understanding her own moods and behaviour. I can see that she now will sometimes ask for time to think about an answer when she is struggling, or will ask another question to try to break it down for herself. I try to use this technique with her also, which has aided our communication immensely. There is still a long way to go and she is unlikely to ever be ‘neurotypical’, but the Feuerstein technique is demonstrably improving the quality of her day to day life and will hopefully equip her better to cope with the world as an adult.”

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Richard Boud