Write Size pencils: Age 2-6 years. Pack of 5

Write Size pencils: Age 2-6 years. Pack of 5


2-6 years – Starting the writing journey. Teaching control, grip and letter formation.

If we asked you to design a pencil to fit a 4-year old’s hand, what size would you make it?

Our range of innovate pencils have been developed to help children learn and embed the correct writing techniques from an early age and our pencils encourage good handwriting from the beginning.

More often than not, parents provide children with their first writing experiences and as parents you can provide the best possible advantage for your children for their education.

Write Size – we make small pencils for small people

At Write Size we believe children are little versions of us so need smaller clothes, shoes, bikes, sports equipment than adults so why do we give them pencils bigger than pens we use? Does not make sense right!

Ever heard your child say “my hand hurts” when writing with pencils too big for their hands?

Write Size pencils have been developed to lessen the strain on their hands by having a larger and softer graphite, wider diameter for easy grip and the correct length to enable them to have great control and balance.

As writing is a fundamental skill in life and is used in every subject, Write Size pencils make it easier to write as they’re made with children in mind at their core- it is that logical and that simple.

A recent study show’s 27 out of 28 children in a class had an improvement in their handwriting, and wrote more letters per minute when using Write Size pencils.

Key Benefits

  • Greater durability

  • Great Grip and control

  • Longer lifespan

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Writing made quicker and easier

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