"Thank you very much for a very positive intervention.  I have noticed some improvement in concentration, definite positive response to strategies to "unblock" him and get passed "no" and improvements in sleeping pattern.  He has become more independent by starting to dress himself and occasional imaginative play.  I've also become more patient with him."

Parent of a child with Down's Syndrome

August 2017

"Using Mediated Learning is not a quick fix solution, it is a way of life! It takes time and perseverance but the outcomes bring hope and joy."


June 2017

"Breakthrough Learning has made such a tremendous impact on how much our daughter enjoys learning and her accomplishments to be part of an inclusive classroom.  We have been given creative ways to work with her that gave her a confidence and joy in learning. Vanessa successfully navigates ways for the teacher, child and us parents to work together in helping our daughter succeed. We would like to express our thanks to Vanessa for her help to our daughter and our family and that we are able to see a brighter future for her."

Parents of a daughter with Down's Syndrome